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Leaves Branches Berries extend horizontally acroo=ss white background
Magazine Collage
11.5" h x 15.75"w
Abstract collage in six sections with black lines on white background.
Magazine Collage
13" h x 19" w
Collage using torn bits of old magazines depicting a bird on a bare tree branch, with the moon behind it. Blues and blacks predominate, with some aquas and violets.
Magazine Collage
22" w x 30" h
two red orange lines separate black and white areas
Magazine Collage
11" x 11"
fish underwater blue collage multimedia
Multimedia - Collage
48"w x 24"h
rooster animals collage maps
30"h x 36"w
White bird on dark blue background
Magazine Collage
30 x 22
Torn magazine photo collage of sun
Magazine Collage
19" x 19"
Black and white abstract on canson paper
Magazine Collage
25 x 20
Collage of pressed leaved, cut in strips of various lengths. The work is composed of a variety of muted, light-colored leaves, mounted on acid-free board and sealed with UV-screening acrylic varnish.
5.75" h x 17" w
Collage of pressed leaved, cut and mounted in a grid formation. The composition is mainly muted reds, oranges and browns. It is mounted on acid free board and then sealed with a UV-screening acrylic varnish.
7" w x 7" h
Individual honey locust leaves arranged in a radial pattern. A mandala-like composition of greens and muted golds. The leaves are mounted on acid free board a finished with a UV screening acrylic varnish.
8" w x 8" h
A composition of pressed leaves, cut and mounted on acid free board,  in a grid formation.   The main colors are muted greens and light browns. The work has been protected with a UV screening acrylic varnish.
6" w x 10" h

Images created with cut and torn magazine photos, maps and hand colored papers.